Scour Sewer and Drain specializes in Water Line Repair. You want to repair broken or leaky pipes as quickly as possible to prevent water damage. Turn off all water until Scour Sewer and Drain arrives. Here’s how to tell if you need a water pipe repaired or replaced. We take special measures to make sure your Water Line Repair experience will us is great!

  • Check to see if your water is a different color.
  • Check for corroded piping. Checking for different colored water or rust from iron piping. If you own an old home and you have iron piping you may want to speak to a plumber, such as Scour Sewer and Drain, to see about switching to Copper pipes.
  • Check in your Water Bill.
  • Wet spots on the floors in your home.
  • Look for mushy patches in your yard.

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